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-Sonar is a company that develops open source software for continuous code quality and security.
-Sonar offers 3 products which are software allowing you to measure code quality and detect vulnerabilities in 27 different programming languages.
-It was founded in 2008 by Olivier Gaudin, Freddy Mallet and Simon Brandhof and it is domiciled in Geneva, Switzerland.
-The company is called Sonar, like sonars in water that use sound waves to “see” in water and like whales that
use sounds as sonars to find their way underwater. Hence the whale-shaped logo.
WHERE There is 5 sonarsource location in the world.
There is one in Switzerland, one in Texas, one in Singapore.
There is also one in France and one in Germany.

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-Sonar is located in the IKEA building.


here is a game that is not a game: